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Available Types - Updated April 2018

Kinfolk: Maybe. Homid: Yes! Metis: Maybe. Lupus: CLOSED
Ahroun: Maybe Galliard: Okay! Philodox: Please! Theurge: Please! Ragabash: FULL
Black Furies: Please! Bone Gnawers: Please! Children of Gaia: Yes! Fianna: Okay! Get of Fenris: Sure!
Glass Walkers: Yes! Shadow Lords: Maybe Silver Fangs: Okay! Stargazers: Maybe. Silent Striders: Maybe.
Uktena: Maybe. Wendigo: Maybe. Red Talons: CLOSED

Application Process

Your application should tell me everything I need to know about your character. Often that will include a short story or a historical narrative, but it doesn't have to. The more you send me, the better I will understand what makes them special, and how they'll fit into my sphere. Additionally, I would like you to answer the following questions, each with a few sentences, that flesh out aspects of your character I want to make sure I know about. These are all things I want every player to think about for their characters, and they often get forgotten when writing a background story.

The first step is to create a +request/shift <character name>=<Short description of the character concept> This will create a +job, which we will use to track your progress through our application process. Staff will review your concept and get back to you. Once you have concept approval, proceed.

The second step, which should only be undertaken once you have concept approval, is to fill out the following questionnaire and email it to, with a subject line that should read: [SHIFTER] Application for: (Character Name), (Character Concept in 2-5 words)

  1. Garou often have a difficult time interacting with the humans around them. How does your character deal with The Curse? What role does your character play in mortal society? How do they pay their bills, where do they live (generally speaking, needn't be specific)? How do they get around? Do they avoid mortal society, do they have kinfolk who handle mundane tasks for them, or is their Rage low enough that they manage to get by?
  2. How does your character view authority: Mortal civil authority (City Hall, Congress, etc), Mortal legal authority (the courts, the police), Mortal social authority (cultural norms, religions, any particular cliques or social groups your character interacts with regularly)? What about Garou authority (Pack, Sept, Tribe)?
  3. How does your character embody their Auspice? How do they embody their Tribe? Was it chosen for them? If the character chose their own Tribe, explain that choice.
  4. What are your character's strengths? Discuss your character's merits, but also their personality and skills/abilities. What do they offer to a Sept? What about a pack?
  5. What are your character's weaknesses? Discuss flaws, but also your character's personality. What specific things does your character wish they could improve about themselves, and why haven't they done so already?
  6. How much of your character's birth family is alive and where do they live? How close is your character to these people? What have your character's past friendships and romantic relationships been like? What is your character's view of romantic love, sex, lust, and related concepts?
  7. What specific items, equipment, and material resources does your character have access to? To what level of comfort are they accustomed? What, if any, material things really matter to them?
  8. Who found your character after their First Change? What was their Rite of Passage? What about mortal education; how educated is your character? Why is your character coming to Detroit?
  9. Give me a (brief) timeline of the most important events in your character's past. Does your character believe in destiny?
  10. Add to your app anything else — a poem, a youtube link, a picture of a cat, whatever — you feel helps convey, in a format other than typed-up words, what your character's essence is about.

Notes about Types

On Metis

Metis Garou are more than their deformities. They're more than their breed form. Stories about Metis are stories about bigotry, plain and simple. I've too often found that players who play Metis characters on MUs have trouble with the reality of their choice. Conversely, I've also found that other players tend not to play the social dynamics much at all. So, whether you're considering a Metis or not, please read on.

If you want to play a Metis, you need to be prepared for your character to be treated poorly by PCs and NPCs alike. Expect to be spit upon. Expect to be cast out. Expect to be picked last for team sports. Most Garou view Metis as an affront to Gaia, and they'll treat your character that way.

If you don't want to play a Metis, you should still strongly consider your character's opinion of them. Unless they're a Bone Gnawer or a Child of Gaia, chances are they harbor a bigotry toward Metis. Think about how to show that in your roleplay. If you decide your character doesn't have that bigotry, then be prepared to explain why.

Black Furies

At its core, this tribe is about feminism, and feminism is not about hating men. Feminism is about equality for women, and that means disassembling the patriarchy, but not hating men. I do not want to perpetuate the stereotype of feminists as man-haters because it is harmful to feminism. So, please do not apply to play a character based around that notion.

Bone Gnawers

This tribe draws on stories about the poor and working-class. Regardless of race, being poor is hard, though it's harder for people of color, and stories about Bone Gnawers should reflect that. Most poor people aren't that way by choice, and stories about Bone Gnawers should reflect that too. Bone Gnawers are looked down upon by the other tribes for all the same reasons that poor people are looked down upon by the more affluent. Most of us have some amount of privilege--we all have computers, after all--and so it is of utmost importance that we all show some respect when telling these stories.


Due to this game including a Changeling sphere, there are several house rules regarding Fianna interaction with the Fae. Please be sure to read these house rules, and make sure that your concept still works in light of them.


This tribe is based on Eastern philosophies, and as such, comes with a lot of stereotype baggage. Asian people have often been the targets of racism and oppression. There are still people alive today who were forced into internment camps here in the United States during World War II. If you are applying to play a Stargazer, please do not fall back on all of the Asian stereotypes you see in movies and on TV. Research your character's beliefs and philosophy. Good advice given from a sci-fi author: Do a quick google of 'stereotypes of asians' and see if any of the top hits informed your motives for playing a Stargazer.

Silent Striders

This tribe is one of my favorites, but White Wolf's treatment of the Rom is very problematic. All of their source material from all of their games serves to reinforce the romanticized "gypsy" stereotype that permeates our culture. It is a racist stereotype that erases so much of the suffering that these people have endured, and continue to endure around the world to this day. I do not feel up to the task of ensuring that any and all depictions of the Rom on this game are authentic and inoffensive, so I am disallowing them from my sphere. If you want to make a Silent Strider, please do not draw on that portion of the Silent Strider lore.

Uktena and Wendigo

Native Americans face casual racism every day. Western culture is full of stereotypes about them. In many ways, and by many people, they are viewed as less than people. If you are going to apply to play an Uktena or Wendigo, I expect you to have done your research. I expect you to present me with a character that is authentic and respectful. Please refrain from relying on stereotypes of the wise and mysterious shaman, or the white-hating 'brave'. Develop a working knowledge of Native American and tribal history (or improve on whatever knowledge you might already have.) Read some Sherman Alexie. Research appropriate names for your character's nation. The "NK Jemisin Test" applies here, too: do a quick google for 'stereotypes of Native Americans' and work to avoid those.