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A huge number of people have provided tremendous material support to make this game possible. This list is, by no means, exhaustive.

See also: Staff. Staffers aren't listed here on the credits because you can just take as a safe assumption that they're hauling ass to make this game happen. Retired staffers will be listed below, however.

Code and Logistical Support

  • Paranorma@NYC - for providing invaluable advice in getting this wiki past its infancy.
  • Periphrastic - for providing set up support and some initial code and design work (e.g. our headers and footers are the same as she laid down originally).
  • Castle - for providing a huge chunk of formatting work and design support on the wiki. Also, tons of data entry for our beautiful chargen system. Forevermore, our Data Entry Monkey.
  • Oliver - for providing code support for the wiki including our site icon and generally being super helpful with player pages.


  • Sky - For providing an experienced voice in the discussion group that eventually launched this game, including helping us sort out some house rules.
  • Michael - For helping sort out house rules, including providing the rules for Influence mechanics and consulting on the potential for a future Vampire sphere.
  • Was (Not Was) - For providing mathematical stress-testing of our background pooling rules, particularly for the Resources background.

Retired Staff