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Before From The Ashes: Detroit by Night was a game, it was an idea. It gestated as an idea on an invite-only discussion group that was intended to be a place to discuss ideas about MUSHing, about storytelling, and about RPGs. This idea incubated there for months. Then, in December of 2013, The Supremes became dissatisfied with the cWoD game he was playing on and decided he wanted to do it better. This is not a unique origin story for games like this, when you boil it down.

Work began in earnest at the end of 2013 with a small contingent of friends pouring their hearts out to bring this game online. Periphrastic was brought in for code, Another Bad Creation came on board as a builder, and the site slowly began to take form. Health problems put Periphrastic out of commission early on, and the search for someone to take the torch of coder would eventually bring Darc on board.

Our model for bringing people onto staff involves getting to know them first. This site now represents multiple years of work for some of us, and at least months of work for most of us. It's our baby. We don't trust our baby in the hands of every sitter that gives us a call. If you're new to us? Even if you've been a fixture in the MUSH community for decades, even if you've got a list of references as long as my (very lanky) arm, we're simply not interested. By all means, though, please let us know if you think you might be interested in working on staff. Then come play here. Run some PrPs. Get to know the site, our players, and us. Let us get to know you. At some point, if we have a need that we think you can fill, we'll ask if you're still interested.

We expect staffers on From The Ashes: Detroit by Night to be serious about the work of staffing. (And it's a lot of work.) We don't have specific standards for a number of scenes, or a number of jobs processed because setting those standards and getting them right is simply too difficult. Everyone on staff contributes in their way, and many on staff have busy RLs of their own. We aim to have well adjusted, intelligent, creative people on our staff and it turns out that these people tend to be successful and busy IRL, too - go figure. One thing we do have standards on, however, is ethical behavior. We expect staff to have the utmost moral character, adhere to our ethical standards, and in general be a credit to the game.

Mortal Wizard

From The Ashes: Detroit by Night is looking for a mortal wizard to plan, run stories for, and administer our mortal sphere. You would work closely with The Supremes and be tasked with creating stories that are open to all but particularly built to hook our mortal players in.

Storytelling Staff

From The Ashes: Detroit by Night needs one or two dedicated storytelling staff. This job has nearly zero administrivia associated with it (just some basic record keeping and awarding XP to characters who participate in your plots). Applicants should run a PrP or two and indicate their interest.