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Alma Hunter studied culture and cognition in New Caledonian crows. Due to life's exigencies she has a grant to study the corvid population in shrinking cities. Her praxis is about doing the best she can with what she can find. (Which might be a twig because she's learned a lot from those crows).

"The whole is something other than the sum of its parts" - Kurt Koffka

"All life is bound together by mutual support and interdependence." - Jain declaration of nature, Laxmi Mall Singhvi

Alma has found all the sticks and stones. She's collected the voices: the first static of dispatch code transmissions, the words of grandmothers, the shouts of children, the huff of machismo. the buzzing of light. She's settled at the intersection where the swirling of leaves is keeping up with the windup of the sound from a streetlamp that is warming up. It could be the seven of swords she draws that decides her: She'll stay here for a little longer.

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Mages: I don't want to be pushed around. I don't want to lose the ability to take perspective.
Sorcerers: Is this another word for mage?
Fera: Wolf birds! Not just wolves.
Vampires: Ravenous monsters that will probably rip your face off?
Fae: They're really real? Do they like crows?
People: People, I have office hours in the Hall of Science and the outdoors. Goal: Give everyone enough space to simply be.
The City: an insular hagiogeography.[2][3]
Nature: I love nature, but have you ever been bitten by it? Wet boots are pretty nasty too. Sometimes offices and dry clothes are really great.

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RP Hooks
  • Do you like crows? Or field biology? She watches dumpsters and window ledges for hours. She picks up weird crap, sometimes literal crap?
  • Do you like things that make noise and fall apart? She likes crafting those.
  • She knows enough to take care of someone in a sickbed to give their family some time off. Are you dying?
  • She volunteers at Second Stories, a fictionalized outpost of the Ruth Ellis Center's Second Stories Drop In
  • Are you a bad influence? She takes care of her niece who is 17 going on 18.
  • Do you have opinions?
  • Are you looking to botch? So is Alma! Let's experiment. Let's make our brains fizz.
  • Do you like failure? Let's try a thing and fail so that we have to try something else instead.
  • Did you know that everything is connected, and we should build safety nets.


I enjoy casual conversation and mundane activities. And ostensibly casual conversation has the potential to change characters. I don't expect your character in another sphere to discuss sphere stuff. "Did you +bbread the article about the thus and so?" My character has a muddled and non-linear thinking style at times. If you need me not to pose that so much, let me know. I don't mind adult themes and RP, but I don't feel like RPing male gaze and some -isms. If that is IC I'd prefer to FtB, and we can establish tenor and what happens with an OOC conversation.

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Age: mid twenties
Mage Age: 01/16/2017
Tradition: Euthanatos Orphan
Job: visiting grad student
Resembles: Lili Taylor birding with Brigette Lundy-Paine
Demeanor: innovator
Height: 5'2"

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Old mood: Try not to localize the mind anywhere

New mood! Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads

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If she didn't wear her hair in a ponytail it would get caught in the zipper of her vest of many pockets or fly in her face. "ptwww fppt plah", she says, as it gets in her mouth.

She has an enlarged Sense of Wonder

Sometimes she has a mild neophobia about jumping in to things, but she pushes though it. It's the suspicion. But she's not consistent, sometimes it's neophilia instead. Somethings thinks are just so Awe Inspiring that she rushes to them. context.

She wants to give people real second chances, not this return to the wheel myth. Too many people want to cure what they don't understand or send them to hell for it. Sometimes she's a difficult student. She's too smart for her own good.

An odd person at times.

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Played By: Lili Taylor and Kaeli Swift