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Security: Eden is a top-notch security consultant. They do everything from installing top-notch, high-tech physical security to auditing computer code and training personnel.
Heists: Eden is just as good at cracking security as they are at making it. You need something stolen? You want Eden on your team.
K'nocker: Need something fixed or fashioned? Eden's the nocker for you. A master crafter--beyond even most other nockers--they're especially good with mechanical things.
Platonic Friends: Eden is asexual and aromantic, so isn't looking for those kinds of relationships. They do crave connection, though, so if you'd like a somewhat awkward friend who swears a lot, Eden is for you.
Gender: Eden is agender, and likes to mess around with their presentation. Is your character queer? Would Eden catch their eye?
Whatever: Surely we can find a reason to roleplay. If you want to do so, just hit me up.