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Hey ya! I'm originally from Balmer (Baltimore), Maryland. Kinfolk of the Bone Gnawer persuasion. Out this way to do a wellness check on my cousin Dion Pierce. He's a kin too. Haven't heard from him in a year almost. That's a long time for him. Heard there was some bad ju-ju out this way and wanted to check up on him. 'Cause that's what family does and all.

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Jace - My friend, my room mate, my protector, my partner in crime, my... pet? Okay. Not pet. But you are such a cute kitty! I heart your face. I heart you. Mine.

Jamila - A strong, educated black woman who is also distant Fam. I love our time together. Let me cook for you and dance with you. I am young in body, but my soul is old.

Jim - Started out nice, but his girlfriend-that-he-didnt-even-know-was-his-girlfriend is kinda crazy and needy. Let him find out the hard way and watch the shitshow from afar. I'd rather live on the streets than with him.

Monday - Crazy jealous as shit... no scratch that- just plain craycray.

Kai - Caffienated punk princess. Totally could go for more time with her.

Shadi - High schooler with their life in way more order than I did when I was in HS.

Alec - A garou. Metis. Kinda a demanding asshole. Every one of them I have ever run into have had that pompous attitude.

Pax - Her? I like. It helps we are both Gnawers, I think. I feel less of a need to be prim and proper around her. Like I can kinda be myself. Which, is a really cool thing when you can be you around a garou and them not taking it as disrespect. I mean, I respect her and being one of Gaia's Chosen. So there is respect, but I don't feel like im walking eggshells when I see her.

Bit - A Lord kin. He has a veeeeery complicated history, but he really seems nice and genuine. I like that in a person. Oh and there is some humor hidden under all that. *grin*

Hina - Uktena Roo.. Asian and might have a touch of ADHD or something? You sure you don't want some added sweetness with that coffee? *eyebrow waggle*

Skylar - Not sure of her yet. Did she meet my friend Kai? Ill ask her later when I see her. Maybe it was some other 'dirty' person.

Sandra - A bit intense. A little wary of me because we hadn't crossed paths in the past half a year... like that is something notable. Not my fault our paths were like two ships in the night.

Oliver - Brit. Pretty amusing and a counterbalance to Sandra's seriousness.

Liesl - Seems like she has the hook up for information.

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Name: Katherine Renee Pierce AKA Katie

DOB: March 20, 1997

Originally From: Baltimore, MD

Tribe: Bone Gnawers

App: 3

Status: Taken, well, chosen. Cats choose their people.


Played-By: Mikalah Sultan

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