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This layout page is designed to ease the creation of lovely pages without the need for extensive knowledge of CSS3 or advanced HTML practices. For those who are perfectly pleased with grey, white, and black, it can be used exactly as is with no need for any customization at all.

This is guaranteed to work in Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 3.5, Chrome 10, and Safari 5. It will gracefully degrade across older browsers.

This layout was designed by Loki@Haunted-Memories: Vienna By Night, with supertype support by Darc.


Copy the following onto your page:

[[Category:PCs]][[Category:Active PCs]]

Then click on each of the red links and fill out the information in that section.

You can use the following template parameters to customize the colours and text on the page.

| full name            = 
| played by            = 

| page color           =
| page border          = 
| cell color           = 
| cell border          = 
| cell text            = 

| link color           = 
| link hover color     = 

| header color         = 
| header border        = 
| header text          = 


The following template parameters will change the layout and positioning of several elements on the page.

| supertype            = fae, mage, or shifter (will use a super-specific color pallete, leave this blank to go with gray/black)
| page gradient        = yes OR no (default: yes)
| introduction         = yes OR no (default: yes)
| portrait             = yes OR no (default: yes)
| overview position    = left, right, bottom, OR off (default: right)
| stereotypes position = left, right, bottom, OR off (default: left)
| hooks position       = left, right, bottom, OR off (default: right)
| contacts position    = left, right, bottom, OR off (default: yes)
| gallery position     = left, right, bottom, OR off (default: bottom)
| disclaimer position  = left, right, bottom, OR off (default: right)

Advanced Styles

For the very advanced users, you can add your own styles and classes to the various segments (not recommended). These will be applied to the content cell for each section, not to the wrapping table and div.

| introduction class   = 
| introduction style   = 
| stereotypes class    = 
| stereotypes style    = 
| contacts class       = 
| contacts style       = 
| hooks class          = 
| hooks style          = 
| gallery class        = 
| gallery style        = 
| disclaimer class     = 
| disclaimer style     = 
| portrait class       = 
| portrait style       = 
| overview class       = 
| overview style       = 

Custom Sections

Users also have the option of specifying a few custom sections. These sections are completely disabled by default, but can be placed wherever you need. You can have up to 5 custom sections, each numbered 1 through 5. Copy the following code for each custom section you want to have, and replace the pound (#) sign with the corresponding number 1 through 5.

| custom position #   = left, right, bottom, OR off (default: off)
| custom title #      = 

You can also specify the class and style as normal.

| custom class #      = 
| custom style #      =