Carson Youth Center

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A once-abandoned high school building shows signs of fresh renovation, proudly sporting the name "Doctor Benjamin Carson Center for Urban Youth" in letters three feet high. The fresh facade makes it stand out, a brightly lit island in one of Detroit's poorest, most crime-ridden neighborhoods. The heavy steel doors are open during the daylight hours, and at night lights often shine through the barred windows into the early morning.

Posted Information

Through the Gymnasium and into the Back Hall of the Carson Youth Center. This area serves as a meeting place for the Gaian community of Detroit. Posted here are maps and reports.


02/06/2015: A Near Thing
11/26/2017: Fursuit Pursuit
01/02/2018: The Cold Shoulder
03/13/2018: Hannibal Lecture
03/17/2018: March 2018 Moot
04/30/2018: Air Jim
06/16/2018: June 2018 Moot