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How the name of Science did she end up in charge? Emma is the Naive Newcomer, fresh out of Wizarding School who's dangerously Genre Blind. Can we say Fresh Meat? And yet after saying Fornicate the Constabulary publicly, people felt the need to vote her into some sort of office. She's accepted the position of 1/3rd of a triumvirate, but only Ironically. Doom is sure to follow shortly.

Tools of the Trade:

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Mage "That's me! I guess so, anyhow. Other's talk about working Magick, but that's not what I'm doing. I'm working Science. Wonderful, complex, mind blowing Science. And there's amazing beauty there."
Sorcerer "Guys, just try a bit harder! Wake up to that inner spark that says 'holy crap this is all possible!' There's wondrous things over here to learn and see!"
Tecnocracy "Fight them with everything I have at my disposal. They came after our friends. They'd come after me if they can. This is a battle for our existence, and we're the cornered rats. Time to bite."
Werewolf "Well, I've met the fitedogs. And they're every bit as scary and dangerous as people said. And, according to others, they've genocided just about everyone who's looked at them wrong. I'm filing them under 'C' for 'Caution! Handle like eggs!'"
Vampire "Corpses. Ugh. Kill them with fire."
Demon "There's some evil stuff out there; where our world got flesh eating bacteria and Sin Nombre Hanta virus, other dimensions got ravening hoards of extradimensional monsters. I'm not sure which got the better deal, but I'm sure I don't want their problems over here."
Changeling "Mind = Blown. Who would have thought Tinkerbell would be so effing metal? All these knights and ladies and lords running around and I'm like: o.O."

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Aaron - If I only had that kind of money. All all Hermetics like that?

Ahana - Is it a bad thing that after you told me why you're probationary, I found myself trusting you less? Which is a shame, I like you otherwise - she's really kind. Shame about the guns. And the explosives. I don't really dig that.

Alexandra - What I thought was a tame civil servant. I'm not sure I trust her still, but she seemed to rub me the wrong way.

Arthur - Good Old Boy if I ever met one. And one that my gut says is dangerous. No wonder Dr. Vogel gave me his contact.

Aster - If only I could get paid to play games all day... oh wait, I guess I kinda do. Totally irreverent.

Bellatrix - What the hell are you? Around and around we go, and I feel like I'm no closer. And yet I feel like I've already got it solved.

Kai - Oh god. Decisions were made. Not necessarily good ones. Fuck you, whiskey.

Maya - I'm not sure she's all there. Still, I love her music. The first of her kind I've ever met, but if they're all as good hearted as she is, it's a good lot.

Norbert Vogel - Some days I wonder if you even know I'm not in your lab anymore. You barely seemed to notice me while I was there. But you showed me the world is bigger than I could have dreamed, and I'm grateful for that.

Rei - Something something 90 year old cybernetic being... what? I mean. What? Really? We get along... more than Ahana and her get along, anyhow. But she's definitely not normal, in her thinking.

Graham - He's grown on me, honestly. I didn't like him at first, but over time he's been a valuable colleague. And it's good to have someone else on faculty that I can talk to about our... extracurriculars. Even if he is a Hermetic.

Victoria - Another internet celeb... but I have these nagging thoughts, like I almost remember something... a more irreverent person I've yet to meet.

Wednesday - Pretty unapologetically casual about being a druid. First Verbena I met, that I know of. More importantly, he's a fellow Michigander. Maybe that'll mean he feels he has more at stake than the others around here, too.

Zach - DANGER! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! This bastard sets off all my alarm bells.

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RP Hooks
  • Emma teaches at Wayne State University in the Astronomy and Physics departments.
  • Yoga. Thank god for Yoga. 'nuff said.
  • Are you a Scientist/Mage? So is she! She'd love to see the experiments you're running!
  • Her former mentor, a crazy, old, dubiously credentialed Son of Ether in Buffalo, NY is much better connected with the society than she is. He sometimes is in contact with Emma - for good or for ill.
  • She doesn't go into the penumbra, but she definitely is outside pressing her face to the glass making faces. The local umbrood is beginning to regret the day she figured out 'extra dimensions' existed.
  • She's more than a bit of an amateur dreamer. She's a professional, head-in-the-clouds fantasist. Say, do you get to this part of Jupiter often?

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Name: Dr. Emma Ekatrina Durov, Ph.D.

Birthday: Mon May 20 1991

MageAwakenday: Mon Dec 05 2016

Sonsofether.pngTradition: "Sons" of Ether

Dynamic.pngEssence: Dynamic

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