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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance." - Benjamin Franklin

"Comfort was the answer to all life's problems. It didn't solve them, but it made them more distant for a bit as they quietly worsened." - Welcome to Night Vale

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Humanity They're snared by this Age. Until they can cut their bonds on their own, we should nurture them and remind them of what is outside the trap.
Werewolf I hear they see the dangers. Their hand-knives and grin-daggers are sharp. I hope they are clever.
Vampire They drink raven-wine, and the earth and sky give them no aid. Probably best to follow their example.
Demon *squints* Really?
Wraith They cannot aid us as they are. Move them along so they may return.
Mage We can see the carvings on the Tree. Our knives should make a different picture for all.
Sorcerer Do not be content with the secrets you know now.
Changeling Dream and earth married? Tell me more.

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Ezekiel: A sword-reddener was among the first I met, his mind not at peace.

Kai: The other first-met, a fellow charm-searcher. Confident and commanding, a sword-reddener.

Note: A wonderous blood-gull, friendly and free with other's things.

Alma: She offers hospitality in Hel's-yard, denies it to herself.

Arthur: Host of charm-bearers, guards Midgard in his own way. Knows much about the Tower.

Maya: Dream-Realm, gifted with Bragi's tongue. Wounded by her own battles, and perhaps charmed.

Zach: When one shows you who they are three times, take their word.

Alexandra: Dragon-rider and dragon, from up there she sees the patterns. Chosen by the charm-bearers because she knows how to wield power.

Ahana: A tree of wasps who trades in wasps. Taken by the Tower.

Winifred: Another with Bragi's tongue, surrounded by fallen metal. Watchful like a thief who knows the king is returning any moment.

Jim: A man and a battle-gull. Skin-changing is a powerful charm, but it seems to be more who he is that what he does. I wonder what he can teach.

Rei: Apart from the forest. While the Sleepers have no control of the Urd, she considers taking away any illusion that they do.

Emma: She sees the giants, and is sheltered by her dreams. Chosen by the charm-bearers because she doesn't trust power.

Aster: Builds and guards the spider's home. Relaxing for one so buried in the Tower's tools.

Charles: Skin-changer, the first wolf I've known. The claws are eager, he does not like to be seen.

Jamila: Helps me remember the Sleepers - Midgard is more than those Awakened to the Urd. Ally to a skin-changer...

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RP Hooks
Awakened Wednesday is interested in learning of other Tradition mages that have come to Detroit, and why they're here.
Astral Realms He has a fortress his mind goes to when he sleeps, and sometimes when he meditates. Let's have trippy mind adventures together.
Mead! He brews, distills, drinks it and sells it.
Herbal Medicine He sells some raw herbs and various tinctures. He'd talk shop, and is interested in supplying an herbal medicine store.
Urban Wildlife Wednesday seems very fixated on some of the animal life that thrives in the city, particularly the black-feathered kind. He's probably been noticed all over the area...talking? to crows and ravens.
Asatru He's interested in taking back the faith from the "blood and soil" types. By any means necessary. And...
Sustainable Living Community gardens, rainwater catchments - he wants to teach people how to live with the land, which leads into...
Hope Wednesday wants to help make the lives of downtrodden or oppressed Sleepers in and around the city better. He might differ with you on the details.

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Matthew Wednesday

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Full Name: Matthew Dean Wednesday
Date of Birth: 12/21/1987 (Age 31)

Tradition: Verbena
Faction: Twisters of Fate

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 239lbs
Hair: Brown
Eye: Hazel

Demeanor: Survivor

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  • Wednesday's player will try not to be offensive or inappropriate, but if you feel he is, please page him and call him on it.
  • While he's played in a weird little German-based MUD a long time ago, he's never really role played on something like this before. From commands to etiquette he's learning. Please have patience if he doesn't know how to do a thing. He wants to know how to do the thing!

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Wednesday is a bit of a modern Druid - He has a Green Thumb, he certainly is a Friend to All Living Things, and tends to Admire the Abomination, though he's mostly Chaotic Good. There's some Fertile Blood, lots of Healing Herbs, and Words Can Break Your Bones.

First impressions are important for a mage, so Matthew has both a Meaningful Appearance and an equally Meaningful Name. He's almost always decked out in his Baddass Longcoat, a Nice Hat, and perhaps most importantly, an Eyepatch of Power. He's a Drifter in this city, but also Journeys to the Center of the Mind, and even the Dream Lands.

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Played By: Ryan Hurst