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Race: Mage
Full Name: Shimizu, Amane
Written As: 清水雨音
Faction: Traditions
Tradition: None Known
Date of Birth: 09/28/1996
Heritage: Japanese
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Demeanor: Survivor
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Apparent Age: Twenties
Marital Status: Single

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Om Riley - Strangely like looking into a mirror; A partnership I cannot deny.
Om Maya - My first friend here in Detroit. My first real flesh and blood friend since I was 13.
Om Rei - I... I can't even describe how I... Well. For what it's worth, I'm sticking by you for the long haul.
Om Shadi - One of my closest friends is an adorkable 17 year old social engineer in a pink hijab.
Om Aster - One of the dearest people I know.
Om Jae - Aww, Zero and Aster make a cute couple!
Om Zach - My boyfriend! Well, okay, I have to SHARE, but... we kissed!!! Heeeeee!
Om Anthony - Tall, dark, and mysterious in an alley! Yeah, it's not the weirdest way I've met someone, ask my boyfriend.
Om Kai - Oh hi, Kai, remember me?
Om Derek - I wonder where this cutie got to.
Om Arthur - Interesting guy; guess I freaked him out a little.
Om Wednesday - Looks like Wotan, has the aura of a sage, has hella great taste in tea. Bruh.
Om Emma - Did... umm... did my Karma just run over your Dogma? Heheheh...
Om Alexandra - If you aren't careful, your face will stick like that!
Om Alicia - I will miss you, my friend.
Om Ghost - Who says all the good monikers are taken?

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RP Hooks
Om "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" - Lorde (Cover)
Om "Befall" - Honkai Impact 3rd (OST)
Om "Vertigo" - Bridge to grace
Om "Mad World" - Gary Jules
Om "Rock And Roll Thugs" - Icon For Hire
Om "Not Without A Fight" - Pillar
Om "The Catalyst" - Linkin Park
Om "Resist And Bite" - Sabaton
Om "Hurt" - Writer, Trent Reznor & Artist, Johnny Cash
Om A White Hat Cracker, Amane had already seen and done things that gave her ageless eyes before originally arriving in Detroit.
Om For a variety of reasons, It Was with You All Along is a powerful lesson Amane carried back with her after journeying through Asia. From Detroit she fled to Japan to reconnect with her roots, then traveled to Hong Kong, Main-Land China, veering into Afghanistan and finally ending in Bhutan.
Om Now singing the Orphan Song as a fully awakened Mage she sees herself as still in possession of Psychic Powers, but no longer sees them as bearing any context to her skills with the computer.
Om Rather, from her Genra Savvy point of view, she is closer to the Blue-Collar Warlock.
Om In fact, like most Blue-Collar Warlocks she has a Dark and Troubled Past. Just how troubled is still a story to be told, especially as she does not really talk about it much.
Om Being a Bounty Hunter also puts her squarely under the label of Action Girl.
Om And, in the end, Iron Woobie is another good way to describe Amane... but don't tell HER that!

Tools of the Trade


Werewolf Nine foot tall furry Cuisinart? ABORT/RETRY/FAIL!!!!
Vampire Oh look, another Demon Lover Stereotype. So does this one fall in love with its 16 year old hamburger with fries?
Wraith Ghosts, yeah. We all have regrets and attachments. I've seen ghosts. More accurate I suppose that I've seen people who were still walking around in their living flesh after something essential inside them died. It's not hard to believe in the lingering of the Self after the body dies.
Mage Let one walk alone, committing no sin, with few wishes like elephants in the forest.
Sorcerer Linear, non-linear, look; if you can keep up keep up. If you can't, I'll protect you. We're all human in the end.
Humanity Do I not count? Maybe not. Maybe I lost that part of me when I was a child. I am like a natural phenomenon, a storm, I simply seem to happen to people for better or worse and often the latter. Well, even if this world is more like the one Gibson foresaw I've personally seen the good, the bad, and the ugly under its sky of electronic snow. There are still innocents to protect. Even 'criminals' usually do it just to get by. So, I will stand in the Vanguard and HAPPEN.
Changeling Like... Disney?


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